Maritime Risk Claim Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to Maritime Risk Claim Solutions, Inc. We are a non-profit education provider company.

MRCS provides continuing education for insurance adjusters and producers, legal continuing education credits for attorneys and continuing education credits for certified and associate marine surveyors with the National Association of Marine Surveyors.

MRCS is the idea of bringing a practical education program to all involved in the maritime industry, was founded by Tim Anselmi and Anthony Anselmi of Central Maritime, LLC, and Ms. Jill S. Willhoft of Baldwin, Haspel, Burk and Mayer  which began during 2014. The education curriculum brought together the local vessel owners, repair facilities, insurance professionals, attorneys, salvors, regulatory representatives and marine surveyors in a comfortable environment.

MRCS envisioned creating and building on the idea a maritime education program as a non-profit company to support charities.

MRCS time and efforts were to inspire our maritime community to participate in a  good relaxed education program, that would give back to our society.

All our speakers, sponsors, supporters and competitors are volunteers. Their dedication is inspirational.

At the end of each tax season following the MRCS, Inc. seminar, the net profits are split between local Autism foundations and Children’s Hospital for cancer research.

MRCS organized a great team of professionals with a heart for giving. The speakers volunteer their time to provide practical education presentations in a relaxed environment. The sponsors give to a cause worth believing in.

The atmosphere and surroundings chosen provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the education.

The motivation, inspiration and ambition grows with each year with our registrants and supporters. MRCS, Inc. does its very best to inspire those in our industry to be part of something good, but each year it is MRCS that is inspired by our supporters.

The event ends with a time to enjoy, from a fishing rodeo after the first event, to a chili cook off competition approaching its third year of year.

The fund raising chili cook off competition, has live music, and fundraising activities.

These events are not possible without the support from the entire maritime industry.

Tim Anselmi – President

Anthony Anselmi – Secretary/ Treasurer


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